Dessert ~ Amazing Flourless Brownies (AKA Black Bean Brownies)

Amazing Flourless Brownies (AKA Black Bean Brownies) ~ ~ is a fun recipe to make for parties/events. Before I retired, I took a batch into work and asked my co-workers to guess what was in them. No one was able to guess accurately.  One of the “kids” there responded back with: “chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate”.  Not one person guessed black beans (or coffee or balsamic vinegar either) were in there, but all the recipe ingredients are needed to create these delicious brownies.

I made these brownies exactly as described in the recipe. Mine had to cook about 36 minutes before the toothpick came out clean, indicating they were fully cooked.  I let them cool fully, then removed them via the parchment paper and put them on my plastic cutting board.  I cut them into 16 pieces, but I must admit that they really wanted to stick to the knife and there was abit of crumbling.  I think next time I might try to put a little oil on the knife to mitigate this issue.

For the ground coffee (be sure not to use coffee grounds – haha), I used Medaglia D’Oro Instant Expresso Coffee.


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