Dessert ~ Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze


Coconut Banana Bread with Lime Glaze ~ ( ~ was discovered while flipping through a 2007 Cooking Light magazine.  I have a huge stack of these older magazines and one of my goals that I am addressing is to look through these magazines one last time, pull out the interesting recipes, then finally move the magazines out of my house for good.  This bread was absolutely moist and delicious and was not difficult to make.  I dusted off my old KitchenAid stand mixer to use and it made the blending a breeze.

For once, I followed the recipe to a “T”, but I did prepare the bananas using a slightly different method (below) that you might find useful if you have frozen bananas on hand:

I love to freeze my bananas when they become ripe.  To do this, I peel each banana and then break it into chunks (into thirds, approximately) and place the chunks into a small baggie.  I then put the individual baggies of bananas into a large freezer bag.  In addition to being economical, it makes it easy to pull them out for use in smoothies, and in this case, banana bread.  For this recipe, I just pulled out 3 individual baggies from the freezer bag and emptied them into a bowl.  When they started to thaw, I pressed into them with a fork to mash and blend them.  I would highly recommend doing it this way (as opposed to waiting until when they are fully thawed) to avoid dealing with soggy looking bananas with a discolored liquid separating out from them – which is unpleasant, although it certainly would not affect the final outcome of the bread.


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