Side Dish ~ Pumpkin Butter


Pumpkin Butter ( ~ was the result of searching the internet for a Pumpkin Smoothie recipe.  I found one, but it called for pumpkin butter as an ingredient.  The pumpkin butter was a wonderful find all on it’s own.  I took a spoonful of it warm, right off the stove, and I was immediately hooked…it tasted like warm pumpkin pie.  In addition to using it to make a smoothie, you can use it to dip apples in, spread on bread or waffles, add to oatmeal or yogurt, or whatever other culinary creations you can come up with.  I added a couple tablespoons of it to my coffee, along with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and it was pretty good!  I think if you experimented adding other ingredients, you might discover a rival version of the popular Pumpkin Spice Latte sold at Starbucks, with this version being much more healthy and much less “spendy”.

Please note:  once cooled, the pumpkin butter needs to be refrigerated.  It should last for about a week…if it makes it that long without being devoured.


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