Main Dish ~ To Die For Pot Roast

To Die For Post Roast was first posted as my choice for Recipe of the Week for my Weight Watchers @ Work group in January 2014.  Below are my notes from the time:

The recipe this week is an old crockpot favorite of mine ~ To Die For Pot Roast.  It is one of the easiest recipes around and consistently creates a moist and flavorful roast.  Listed below is the basic recipe:

1 4-5 pound beef roast, any kind

1 (1-1/4 ounce) package brown gravy mix, dry

1 (1-1/4 ounce) package Italian salad dressing mix, dry

1 (1-1/4 ounce) package ranch dressing mix, dry 1/2 cup water


Blend the dried seasoning mixes in a bowl and rub onto all sides of beef roast.

Place roast in crock pot, sprinkling any leftover seasoning onto top of roast.
Pour the water around the roast.

Cover and cook on low for 7-9 hours.

The beauty of this recipe is how easy it is to modify to your liking and create a one-dish meal.  I was in an off-site training class earlier this week and knew I would be away from home more than 9 hours on Tuesday with travel time, etc.  Monday night I cut in half 5 medium sized new potatoes (a combo of both red and white), then placed them on the bottom of the crockpot insert.  I added the seasoned roast on top of the potatoes, then put carrot and celery wedges along the sides, and threw some mushrooms over the top of the roast.  I covered the crockpot insert and placed it in the fridge overnight.*  In the morning, I just had to place the crockpot insert into the outer heating dish ~ waiting and plugged in on the counter.  I added the water, covered the crockpot and turned it on low, and off I went.   I came home and had a delicious meal waiting for me, and the leftovers have been pretty good, too.  🙂

* Refrigerating the food in the insert overnight requires a little extra cooking time, which worked well in my favor since I knew the overall cooking time would exceed 9 hours.  If you have a newer programmable crockpot, you can set it to cook for a specified time, then automatically switch over to the warm setting when done.

Also, if you are watching your sodium intake and/or don’t like as much salt in your food, you might opt to cut the Italian dressing mix amount to a half envelope.  I’ve never prepared this recipe that way, but it is something that I have read about on the recipe reviews on the internet.

I actually used a smaller sized roast than was called for in the recipe ~ be sure the roast you buy will fit into your crockpot.  The PointsPlus value on this would be based on portion size.  You may want to see if the cut of meat used falls under Simple Start ~ it looks like some, but not all, cuts do.  The seasoning mixes only account for a half point (for 8 servings), so counting that into the PointsPlus value for the dish (by rounding up) is discretionary.


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