Breakfast Dish ~ Pumpkin Pancakes


I woke up craving pumpkin pancakes one morning last week.  I don’t know if I saw a Denny’s or an IHOP commercial or what, but if so, their advertising methods worked and I needed some pumpkin pancakes pronto!!  I went sleuthing the internet and found this yummy and highly rated pumpkin pancake recipe:

The recipe calls for milk and vinegar, which is the equivalent of buttermilk.  I happened to have some 1% fat buttermilk on hand from another cooking “adventure”, so I used that in the same proportions as the milk and vinegar.  I’m all for ease in preparation and I like flavorful food, so in place of the allspice, cinnamon and ginger, I used a whole tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice.  These pancakes were SOOOOO good! I let the blended batter sit for about 5 minutes before using as I read this helps to create fluffier pancakes.   I added 1/4 cup pancake batter to the skillet and I ended up with a total of 15 pancakes.  Running the recipe through the WW recipe builder with the revision for the buttermilk, I came up with a total of 3 points for a serving of 2 pancakes. I topped them with a little light butter and maple syrup for breakfast.  I am going to freeze the leftovers, using parchment paper between each pancake to separate, then reheat them as needed in the toaster oven.


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