Main Dish – No-Noodle Sweet Potato “Lasagna” (Vegetarian)

IMG_1587 (2)
This week’s Recipe of the Week, No-Noodle Sweet Potato “Lasagna” ( was served to company over the holidays and was a big hit.  It is a bit preparation-intensive, but not difficult.  I made the recipe ahead of time, then covered and refrigerated it until I was ready to cook it later in the day.  I just had to bake it a little longer, but it came out great.  And it was ever better the second day!!  The roasted sweet potatoes really make the recipe tasty and take the place of the noodles.  In retrospect, I think I might make an additional layer of the sweet potatoes next time.  And although I used a good marinara sauce (Mario Batali), I think a good spaghetti sauce with some hearty seasoning would take this over the top, even one with a meat sauce – just remember to calculate the additional ingredients in to ensure you are tracking the correct PointsPlus value.  
I entered the ingredients used into the PointsPlus Calculator (using the calculations for the part-skim ricotta and part-skim mozzarella cheeses) and came up with 54 points for the entire casserole dish.  I cut mine into 12 servings so that was just 4 points each, although I admit stopping at one serving is next to impossible! 

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